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We are your Residential Termite Control specialists!
Residential Termite Control
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Commercial Termite Control
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Industrial Termite Control
Termite Inspections and Colony Control

Bombs Away's team of professionals can protect your house from one of Australia's most destructive pests.
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Termite Management Installations

Your Local Termite Monitoring and System Installation Specialists, Ensuring the Prevention and Control of Termites.

Bombs Away

Quality Pest Control & Termite Services on the Gold Coast

Bombs Away Termite & Pest Specialists aims to provide the very best pest control defence for your home or business.

Our Mission

Provide the best pest control defence against termites and pests for all households and families servicing the Gold Coast region.

Our Vision

To provide a quality pest control service to the community. Covering all aspects of pest control.

Our Approach

To build a better pest control company than all of the competitors on the gold coast in relation to quality of work and customer service.

Our Name Scares Bugs To Death!

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